Sunday, 27 July 2014


So we're starting things off with a Disneyland themed post! Well what better way would there be? Back at the end of May/beginning of June myself and my sister jetted off to Disneyland Paris for the weekend. We stayed in the Val d'Europe area and our hotel was only about a 15 minute walk away from the parks, ideal for anyone on a non-disney hotel budget. After an evening spent at the Disney Village, buying completely necessary Minnie Mouse ears and drinking cocktails next to a zebra at Rainforest Cafe, our first full day was spent at the Disneyland Park. Cue the selfies...

Disclaimer: I didn't actually have any intention of creating a blog post of our time whilst I was there, if I had then these photos would be like, so totally amazing and not mostly taken with iPhones. 
When we went it was, well, Spring, and so the 'Swing in to Spring' theme was running strong throughout the  Disneyland Park. That meant more flowers, more topiary and a lot more Mary Poppins than any other time of year. I've only just got the parade song out of my head. Oh wait, it's back. 'Spring is everywhereeeee!'

Ah Big Thunder Mountain, easily our favourite ride, we managed to get on it three times. Thank god for fastpass. 
Yo-ho yo-ho a pirates life for me. Unfortunately we didn't come across Johnny Depp during our pirate adventures. Shame.
And a day at Disneyland just wouldn't be complete without a ride on the teacups. 

Day 2 and it was off to the Walt Disney Studios Park. This meant we were off to ride The Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, and the Crush's Coaster. The new Ratatouille ride opened not long after we went which we were disappointed about, but I guess that just gives us a reason to go again right?

Oh look, another selfie, this time with the man himself, Walt. 

I love the Toy Story Playland area and how everything is made to make you feel like a tiny tiny person. The queues in this area were just that bit too long though. I suppose that's what you get for being a (semi) adult in Disneyland during the holidays. 

Of course a post about Disneyland wouldn't be complete without some obligatory, poor quality firework photos. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and cake, and fudge. God do Disney know how to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

So that's it! A short, tiring, but truly, and very cheesily, magical weekend.

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