Sunday, 7 September 2014


Whether you've just graduated this Summer or, like myself, graduated last year but are still finding your feet in the big wide world there is no doubt that the realisation you're an actual adult and not a student anymore can be more than a little bit daunting. 

You could be undertaking the exhausting task of finding a job in your chosen field, moving to a new city, or even travelling to a new country. It's a scary time. We're told to follow our dreams but rarely told how to go about it. No one prepared us for this feeling of limbo and uncertainty.

I love an inspirational quote, thanks Pinterest, and whatever your situation is these 6 quotes may help you take that leap of faith and feel a little more confident in your abilities. 



And finally...


I love them all. I'm definitely guilty of thinking I'm not ready to take on a challenge or living in fear of leaving my comfort zone but a little inspiration can be just the push you need.

Which one is your favourtie? If you're not quite satisfied yet visit my 'Quotes' board on Pinterest for more.

Monday, 1 September 2014


Today is the first day of September. Let's just try and let that sink in. The Summer holidays are over and The X Factor has started which basically means we might as well start the countdown to Christmas. I'm not complaining, I do like Autumn but can we please just have a few more weeks of it not being dark when we wake up in the morning and when we come home from work? Anyway, I digress, it's time to hang on to Summer with August's favourites.

1. PartyParty App

PartyParty is an app developed by the creative geniuses over at A Beautiful Mess. If you haven't heard of Elsie and Emma''s blog before you have to go check it out. Amazing photos, DIYs, interiors, recipes and now they have their very own own apps and books out to match. PartyParty is their second app, after the ABeautifulMess app which makes your instagram photos very much 'like' worthy. PartyParty takes it one step further allowing to create your very own short stop-motion videos ready to be shared on social media or saved as a gif. I tried it out for myself, as you might of seen on my Barry M Blues post, and I think the results are pretty cool, if I do say so myself...

2. L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara

OK so this mascara may have been out for, like, ever but for some reason I had never tried it before. What a silly mistake that was, I love it. The waterproof, apparently discontinued, version was raved about by ViviannaDoesMakeUp and so I thought I would give the origina one a go. I'm not usually a fan of a plastic wand but this one I like, plus it's thin enough that I don't get mascara all over my eyelids when I apply it. I've never understood why some mascara brushes are so big. I think it's just a marketing ploy to get people to think 'bigger brush, bigger lashes' but that's just so not the case. This one lengthens and layers up nicely to volumise. I recommend.

3. Sleek Eyebrow Stylist

My eyebrows are my nemisis. We just don't get on. I'm always looking for ways I can make them look full yet natural. Trust me, I've gone through my fair share of Rimmel eyebrow pencils. This Sleek brow stylist is a waxy texture, apparently not dissimilar to the blogger fave Anastasia Brow Wiz, but obviously only a fraction of the price. It comes with a spooly (eyebrow tamer) on the opposite end so you can brush out your brows neatly before you go in with the colour. You may think, 'Hey it's just a clean mascara wand what's so special about that?' or 'Doesn't the little brush on the lid of my Rimmel pencil do the same thing?'. The answer is no, I'm afraid you are wrong. Not all eyebrow tamers were created equal and this one is a good one.

4. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in #06 Pink pong

I'm a bit new to the whole liquid lipstick game but being the obsessive viewer of beauty vloggers that I am I concluded that of all the options available the Bourjois offering seemed like the best. It's a lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries to a velvety matte finish. It also is pretty long lasting compared to a lot of lip products out there. I just wish they bought out more lighter pinks and nudes because I love the product but their colour range is very, well, bright, and I'm just not brave enough to go so bold yet. Gosh I know, it's such a dilemma.

5. Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling

All this month I was hanging out with Mindy. Well, her book that is. The Mindy Project is one of my favourite TV shows at the moment and after hearing good things about her book I decided to give it a read. Mindy is just as funny in print as she is on screen as she tells us how she managed to go from chubby child, to starring as Ben Affleck in her own play in New York to landing her big break as a writer for The Office USA. The perfect light read for when the books you've read either side of it are about mysterious people going missing. Ooo spolier alert for next month.

What were you loving during August? Are any of your favourites the same?