Sunday, 31 May 2015

Birthday Snapshots

It's only been a week and it already feels like my birthday was forever ago. Colin the caterpillar cake has been eaten, Prosecco has been drunk and despite my, rather successful, attempt to drag one day out for over 2 weeks the excitement has finally come to an end. So to finish things off nicely I'm going to share a little round-up of birthday related iPhone snaps. Some more instagram worthy than others...

A very lucky girl with a new camera...hopefully meaning better blog photos...hopefully. 

Yeah, More prosecco. 

Gail's bakery treats are the best. Seriously. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Exploring London | Holland Park

I honestly believe one of the best things about living in London is that when the hustle and bustle of city life gets too much there is always somewhere just round the corner that you can escape to. Pretty much right round the corner from me is Holland Park - hidden away among the type of houses celebs would definitely live in. Occasionally I like to wander around the area and pretend I live there too. So last weekend, when my parents were visiting, I decided to show them what exactly I'd been harping on about. 

The great thing about Holland Park, I think anyway, is that it's not just a big ol' field. There's different areas to explore (and somewhere to eat which is always a bonus). My favourite, and probably what the park is most famous for, is the Kyoto Gardens (aka the Japanese gardens). There's actual koi carp and everything. I kid you not there were groupe of people doing martial arts just round the corner - it's that kind of place.

If you're lucky you might just spot one of the peacocks roaming around. Yeah they're super pretty but they kind of seem like dicks and  make a  surprising amount of noise. I wasn't going to get too close - thank god for 'zoom'. 


Now I don't to get all hippy and spiritual on you but see what I mean when I say you don't expect to find somewhere so peaceful and green in the middle of London? feels more like being at a country manor. 

It was a little gloomy on the day we went but I bet when the sun is shining on a Sunday this place is packed of full of city people trying to get away from it all, without actually getting away.

Have you been to Holland Park before? Where is your favourite place to escape from city stress? Let me know in the comments.