Thursday, 27 August 2015

St. Brides Hotel and Spa | Saundersfoot

Last week I had a whole week off work. A WHOLE WEEK. I had been waiting for it since I booked it off back in April. I had no plans to go abroad so me and mum booked a night away in West Wales and just kept our fingers crossed for warm weather. It worked and was exactly how an August day should be...for the first day we were there. Day 2 could have been mistaken for November. 

Thankfully it was the first day that we had decided to make the most of St. Bride'ss outdoor thermopool and spa which overlooked Saundersfoot beach. 

I was so smug staring out at this view knowing that everyone was slaving away at work. Sorry! 

The spa also had a sauna, salt infusion room, sensation shower and an ice fountain all with the aim of flushing the toxins out of your system. After sweating it out in the salt infusion room it felt like it was working - I wasn't so sure about rubbing ice from the fountain all over myself afterwards though. 

You know you're living the high life when the hotel you're in has robes. Less glamorous was the fact that it was literally like a robe for giants and I looked like a child playing dress-up. 

In the evening we took the short trip to Tenby to have dinner (and cocktails) at the South Beach Bar & Grill. Obligatory burger was as always on the cards but I was too hungry to take the obligatory photo. 

We had a lovely relaxing stay. The staff couldn't do enough for us, the rooms were everything you could want and they had Nutella at breakfast. If that's not reason to convince you to book your stay now I don't know what is. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Wilderness Festival 2015

Muddy wellies, questionable liquids thrown in the air and landing in your hair and a distinct lack of toilet paper...festivals aren't completely my bag, unless of course it's done in style.

Last weekend myself and my work bestie headed off to Wilderness festival for a relaxed weekend of eating, drinking and lazing around - exactly the sort of break we needed after a painfully delayed train from Paddington.

I hadn't heard much about the festival before, or of many people on the line-up, but I was still keen to see what it was all about and I wasn't disappointed. Named one of 'Britain's poshest festivals' it's a little different to the lad-filled, student friendly festivals I'd previously experienced. Well I mean, it comes complete with champagne orangery, spa and a sit-down banquet. Fancy.

The festival is set in the rolling fields of Oxfordshire and seems to attract what my mother would refer to as 'those hippy types' - which is fine by me. Wilderness is about more than just the music with a strong focus on health and wellbeing (minus the burger offerings). It's not unusual to walk past a group of people doing yoga as you're on your way the the main stage, or getting a massage as they sip on their Laurent-Perrier.

I know a few beauty bloggers were invited along by Neal's Yard - and we were given a nice little envelope of samples from them before heading down to the spa by the lakes. You could swim in the lakes as well - but that didn't sound so appealing to me once I was in the warmth of the tub.

Food-wise there was everything you could every really want, whether it's a sit down three course dinner, a burger from a Patty & Bun van or a plate of fully-loaded nachos. If you are as greedy as me - all three will do just fine.

I had a great weekend and I'd definitely recommend going next year if you get the chance!